A Little Idea for Our Last Session (July 9th)

On July 9th, there will be the last session of our course. It will be full Summer, most of you won’t have much energy left after this semester. So, I think it would be nice to make something different and entertaining.

The topic of the 9th July session is “New media and the imaginary.” So why don’t we discuss new media starting with our own experience with them?

I propose that some of you bring their media devices: smart phones, tablets, e-Readers, and everything else which is technological and you use in your daily life, or you use sometimes. We will see them together, we will discuss how we use them, what we like of them, what we don’t like, how they are changing our life (are they?), and so on.

I will bring my own little contribution by bringing in class my beloved Kindle. In the last years, I moved several times to different countries: from Italy to Canada, from Canada to Germany… My “old” paper books are now lost in all these places. Most of them are in my brother’s basement in Torino, waiting for someone to read them. So I really came to appreciate this device which allows me to bring my (e)books everywhere quite easily.

It would be great to have also your contribution in this, in order to see different smartphones and tablets, perhaps to find out if Siri actually works, and to play a bit with technology and with our ideas and expectations about it.

Could you contribute to this? Do you have something that you would like bring in class for us to see it?

Please post below in the comments if you can bring something!

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2 thoughts on “A Little Idea for Our Last Session (July 9th)”

  1. I can’t bring any new technical device to our lesson, I do not even own a smartphone. But sometimes I have the impression that I ‘have to’ own a smartphone as a young student (especially as a media student). I hope that we can discuss the effects of the transition from normal mobile phones to smartphones, and compare advantages and disadvantages of this transition.

    1. Thanks Julia for your comment. You can still bring your “old-fashioned” cell phone, tough. After all, in order to talk about the transition we’ll also need some of the old ones. (By the way, I don’t have a smart phone myself, and sometimes I feel a bit ashamed for it, too, being a media scholar. My cell phone is in horrible conditions!)

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